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Our syllabus includes defending yourself against an ‘empty hand’ attacker whilst standing, kneeling, sitting, or from the ground, as well as defence against a whole range of weapons such as short stick, knife, handgun and rifle. We also show you how to use your surrounds to assist you, as improvised weapons or shields. Scenario training in a safe, fully controlled environment will see you develop your skills and help you focus on the real dangers, not on the camouflage that predators display.

TKM/FLAG can be learnt as a module, meaning you can quickly learn the basics, and then add to your skills as and when you feel ready. The average person will probably not want to develop expert skills, but with FLAG, it’s nice to know you can, and will, attain a high level of skill when you’re ready. Your instructors can take you to whatever level you’re comfortable with and at whatever intensity you wish. From beginners to expert.