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Girlfriend Magazine Cover August 2008

In the August edition of Girlfriend magazine, Kevin gives some great tips on staying safe and gives the features editor a crash course in self-defence. View it here.

Womens Health cover

Women's Health came and gave our classes a go. View what they had to say here.

MARCH 2008


Cover 9 to 5 Magazine 19 November 2007

In an article in 9 to 5 Magazine released on 19 November FLAG provided some practical advice on safety. View the article HERE

A Current Affair Logo

Fight Like a Girl was called upon to give advice on self-defence and street safety techniques in a story on A Current Affair, Channel Nine, run Tuesday 13 November . The story looked at the current spate of assaults in taxi's as well as bag snatches and an assault involving a knife threat. If you would like to learn defensive tactics for these and other common attacks, be sure to come along to class. View the story HERE



FLAG was featured in body+soul on Sunday 7 October. Click HERE to read the article.


Taekwondo Magazine Cover

FLAG is featured in the current issue of Taekwondo Magazine on sale from 4 September. In this major article, we show what Tactical Krav Maga is all about and outlines some of our defencive tactics.


Blitz Cover August 2007

FLAG was featurned in Blitz Martial Arts Magazine's "5 Minutes with Adori Bubble" on pages 25, 26. Adori comments on why she started martial arts, why she swapped to Tactical Krav Maga and what makes our training different.

JUNE 2007

RADIO :: Monday 4 June - Fight Like A Girl TKM had the opportunity to donate 10 free classes to two Gold 104.3 listeners as part of the "Ask Gubby and Dee Dee" segment. After experiencing a frightening assult at work, a listener had contacted Gold 104.3FM asking if they could find her self-defence classes to attend. Advice was given on air to Grubby and Dee Dee, the breakfast program presenters, and to the listener, offering them tactics on what to do in tricky situations.

Gold 104.3 logo

May 2007

RADIO :: FLAG was promoted on 3ZZZ on Saturday 5 May at 10.15pm. The interview promoted the upcoming free workshops for International Students to be held at QVWC during May and June.

January 2007

RADIO :: FLAG was talked about on 101.1FM (Melbourne) at 8.40am Wednesday 31 January 2007. You can listen online HERE.

MIX 101.1

December 2006

PRINT :: FLAG is featured in the newly released Blitz "Instructors' Fighting Techniques", page 30-33. This collectors magazine special features Australia's Elite Instructors displaying self-defence skills and training drills.

November 2006

PRINT :: Featured on page 17, Kevin was interviewed in SX Newspaper (Sydney). This article, in response to the increase in street violence, highlighted the importance of being pro-active and learning self-defence.

October 2006

PRINT :: FLAG was featured for the Herald Sun (Melbourne) in relation to the work we are doing to assist the Venus Program. Have a read here.

September 2006

PRINT :: FLAG was featured in the Health and Lifestyle issue of BNews in Melbourne. Take a look.

August 2006

RADIO :: AB was interviewed on Joy Melbourne 94.9FM, 9.30pm Wednesday 16th August.

TV :: FLAG was featured on Channel 31 on Thursday 10th August on the Studio Q program. The 20min show was dedicated to exploring FLAG and featured an interview with Adori and footage of technique demonstrations. We hope to have it on the website for viewing soon. Please check back.

C31 Logo

PRINT :: Adori is a guest instructor in the Technique Workshop featured in the August issue of Blitz Martial Arts Magazine, now available from your newsagent. Set out on page 72 it outlines a defence against an elbow strike. Take a look. (This is article is a pdf. It may take a while to download. Please be patient.)

July 2006

RADIO :: During July FLAG was featured on Joy Melbourne 94.9FM and on 3CR Community Radio 855AM (Melbourne). We hope to have recordings of the shows available on the website soon. Please check back.

PRINT :: During July FLAG was featured in two magazines. Take a look.

Blitz Martial Arts Magazine

This is article is a pdf. It may take a while to download. Please be patient.


This is article is a pdf. It may take a while to download. Please be patient.