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Training Options

General Classes | Private Lessons | Private Small Group

Corporate Sessions | Private Workshop | Specialist Training

General Classes

Running in Sydney , our regular classes allow you to learn in a friendly and fun environment. Classes are suitable for people of any fitness or skill level, who are 16 years and older. Covering striking and blocking techniques, releases from grabs, weapons defence and more, these classes utilise the number of people attending by practicing drills that let you experience multiple attacker scenarios and general awareness in a crowd.

Private Lessons

Having a personal trainer in self-defence is a great way to learn. Whether you just want to work through the regular syllabus or want to focus on areas of personal concern, private classes allow you to train at a time, place and level to suit you.

Private Small Group

Get a group of friends together for either a one off class or a course that runs for a set number of weeks.
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Corporate Sessions

Our corporate sessions can be tailored to suit your workplace. A great way to get proactive about your OH&S responsibilities and show your employees that you care about their welfare, these sessions are infused with scenario training that is specific to your line of work. Participants will leave with greater knowledge and awareness, improved fitness and personal confidence.
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Private Workshop

Private workshops can be tailored to your groups’ interests and needs. Some examples include: Common knife or stick attacks, women’s self-defence, defence against common grabs and holds. Great for social, and community groups, these workshops can run over a number of nights or days. Minimum numbers apply.
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Specialist Training

With it’s foundation in miliary applications, Tactical Krav Maga is ideal additional training for professionals such as police and security personnel. Specialist training can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Contact us for more information.
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