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FLAG instructors are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment, where people from all lifestyles can learn a quickly absorbed fighting style, at their own pace. Below is some information on our FLAG instructors' personal history.

Kevin Marshall
Tactical Krav Maga Advanced Civilian Instructor

FLAG chief instructor is Kevin Marshall. Kevin is a certified Tactical Krav Maga instructor, and a graduate of the Australian Army’s Hand-to-Hand combat school, taught by the legendary Ken ‘Bluey’ Curran. A former Australian Army Commando, Kevin was one of the youngest men ever to qualify for his Green Beret at 18, after joining One Commando Company at seventeen.

Kevin has taught knife/bayonet fighting, street combat, and worked as a bodyguard/security guard for 5 years. He also has over 7 years experience in Zen Chi Ryu Karate, and open style fighting at Chuck Faye’s double dragon academy in Sydney’s Chinatown.

Currently a business owner, Kevin is committed to giving back to the community the mental and physical skills Special Forces training and action developed. In particular, he wants to ensure women have access to these skills..