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Frequently Asked Questions
A Tactical Krav Maga instructor replies to some typical questions people ask her about Fight Like a Girl and self defence for women in general…

What should I wear and bring to my first class?
Wear comfortable clothes and joggers and remember to bring along some water to drink. If you have any protective gear from training previously, bring this along too.

Do I have to start classes at a particular time of the year or can I start now?
Our classes are ongoing which means that you can start at any time. It is often a good idea to attend an Introduction class either before you start or as soon as you can after you start as these classes are designed to familiarise you with our system and some of the basic techniques that you will use often in class.

Do I have to sign up for a specific length of time?
No, you can train casually if you like.

How often should I train?
You can train as often or as little as you like, however I would recommend training at least two times a week if possible. Like everything, the more often you train and the longer you train the better you will be.

What do you like about doing Tactical Krav Maga?
It’s fun and challenging. It empowers you both during class, as well as in your day to day life. Having this knowledge also makes me feel safer and that’s important. The social aspect of classes is a real motivator. I love meeting and getting to know the people in class. I also get fit without trying to, which is a terrific side effect of learning to defend myself!

How did you get involved with Krav Maga?
I had heard about Krav Maga through articles and had always heard good things about it as an effective system of self-defence, which is what I was looking for. I also saw the movie “Enough” with J Lo (Jennifer Lopes) and it’s the system that she was taught for the movie. She loved it so much that she kept up lessons after filming. I was motivated to find out more and looked into classes in my local area.

How is Tactical Krav Maga different to Judo, Karate and traditional martial arts?
I started out learning martial arts for self defence, with protection being my primary motivation. I had started out within traditional styles but found that they weren’t giving me the amount of self-defence that I was after. One of the main differences of Krav Maga is that it is a relatively new style. It was created for use in the Israeli military and was designed to be learnt quickly. It only contains movements that can be performed by gross motor skills, important in that your fine motor skills evaporate under the pressure of a real attack. It has been adapted for use by everyday people but is still a no nonsense style. Krav is 100% about reality.

Tell us about FLAG?
“Fight Like a Girl” or FLAG is about providing highly effective, quality self-defence skills to women. It’s about teaching women to defend themselves & keep themselves safe in a whole range of situations. Many women find self-defence scenarios very confronting – both physically and emotionally. We are about providing a friendly and safe environment where women can feel comfortable dealing with serious, and often frightening, subject matter. A place for women to learn the skills that will empower them to overcome their fears.

Do you train women differently to men & why?
In a class with both men and women, we don’t differentiate – men and women are taught the same. There are however some techniques that work better for smaller frames and for female physiology.

What would you say to women who are interested in being safe & protecting themselves but aren’t sure about going to a class?
Like with anything new and different, the first step is always the hardest. It’s about facing your fears and this is difficult. But facing your fears and overcoming them is the best step you will ever make. The act of coming to a class & learning how to protect your self is a very freeing and liberating experience. Where it will lead you is very valuable – both physically & emotionally. The class is the place to learn, practice and make your mistakes. Let’s face it, it’s better to learn how to deal with these things now, in a safe environment, than freeze if it happened for real in the street, work or at home. Coming to a class gives you the skills as well as an environment where you can practice.

How fit do you need to be to go to a class?
Krav techniques work with your current fitness level so fitness (or lack of it) is not a limiting factor. We teach you techniques you can use at your current level of fitness. Naturally, attending regular classes will increase your level of fitness.

How are your classes different to others?
We provide you with a set of ‘tools’ that are adaptable, so that you don’t have to think of too much in the heat of the moment. We keep things simple and quick to learn. We work with real life scenarios – some common & some not so common - and deal with the whole situation, looking at pre-fight and post-fight action, as well as what to do if it goes physical. We look at the whole picture. Our techniques take into consideration environmental factors and size difference and teach you to utilize your surroundings.

We also work drills that are for your mind, not just the physical aspect of a fight. If your mind freezes or freaks out when you need it most, it won’t matter what you know.

When are classes scheduled ?
Check out our Locations page for your closest class.

I can’t make these classes – what are my options?
There are some alternative options for training available here.