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About Us

Fight Like A Girl TKM (FLAG) is a female focused self-defence school that teaches the Tactical Krav Maga syllabus in a way that is supportive to all women.

We understand that for women to benefit from the effective system that is Krav Maga, they have to ‘own’ their way of doing it. This is why we believe in teaching Krav Maga in a way that is most efficient for women and hope to provide an alternative training environment to the ‘boy's clubs’ that often exist.

FLAG believes Krav Maga can help all people feel safer and better protected, because it’s a realistic system, using scenario training. Everything in the system has been battle tested by elite military units worldwide.

Most Special Forces soldiers in NATO armies are not big ‘gorillas’. The typical SF soldier is a slightly below average height, wiry build and trained for stamina. These soldiers are trained to think, and to fight in situations when there is no alternative.

Sounds like most women. That is, someone who does not want to fight but if left with no other choice, wants to eliminate the threat and then break contact and move away from the danger. A healthy attitude and one that FLAG will help develop and encourage. Fight or flight is the choice that we as humans have developed. As people we’ve also unfortunately developed a ‘freeze’ response to danger. FLAG will eliminate this response from your mind, and focus you on flight or fight.

Next Step

Review the timetable for the location closest to you. Contact Kevin to talk about YOUR goals, and then come along to your first class, free.

We’d be delighted to talk with you about one to one classes, workshops, scenario training and corporate needs. Just about all training needs can be met straight away, and we can work with you on unusual requests.